About us

From my childhood I like animals. When I was a child, I took every stray-dog to our flat. My parents were not glad about this. Addition to these dogs I had a lot of small domestic animal too, but I found one thing out: nobody can't loved me like my dogs did.

In 2002 I met with my husband. We knew each other in August. His name is Attila. I was very lonely because Attila worked a lot that time. He said: I let it to you keeping a very-very little domestic animal, for example: a hamster or a guinea-pig. So we went to the pet shop buying something little animal. Then I saw a very-very little dog in a little hutch. It was love for the first sight. I decided, I want that dog whatever it cost. That dog was a Chihuahua.

On our first exhibition we looked round, and we saw a lot of interest things. We met a lot of breeder. They were very kindly to us, because they gave a lot of advice. I'm very grateful to: Zsuzsanna Markó, Zsuzsanna Mikó, Zsuzsa Borbély and Ferenc Istolkovics. I' m very thankful to them. Luca

Our first baby was born on 9. September 2007. at 21:15. Her name is Luca. Our second baby was born on the 10. July 2010 at 15:20. Her name is Bianca.

Arrived to us chihuahuas from foreign country's kennels, from our friends into company onto exhibitions and breeding, who helped our kennel's quality raise. I would like to say thanks Emília Sobieszek (Dogomania kennel- Poland), Zofia Konderla (Ricci Club kennel-Poland), Olga Loginova (Belissimo Bravo kennel-Russia), Lina Anrosenko (Shah Arpilin kennel-Russia) and Dasa Machankova (Ammeron kennel-Slovakia).

We decided on 2010 so, how we are shopping a really high-quality male puppy from foreign country, who helps in our breeder work. Current MultiCH Helmiaisen Sundance Kid arrived from Finland to us as puppy. Our kennel say thank to him for his some offsprings with excellent qualities. Separate thanks for Merja Kahelin, Helmiaisen Kennel's breeder.

We confronted a problem like that in 2013 unfortunately, because of what we had to stop the breeding and the exhibitions. This means a huge trauma to us, since we had the dogs our life. We got beyond a very heavy and hard period. Our life turned into a lucky direction and in 2015. the opportunity of the resumption was formulated in us. I'm keen and i'm happy again!

I say thanks for Zuzka Szabova Klecova, who takes two chihuahua girls coming from us (CH Dancing Master Gabriella and MultiCH Dancing Master Euphoria) onto exhibitions, and causes happiness and pride for us from week to week with this. I have to say thanks for Iveta Bozingová, because with her help I may have got back single part of my line to the restart.

The undermentioned text was written in 2002 yet and I take notice of it gladly, that the dreams come true always still:

I remember that time when my husband said: I can't imagine my life with two dogs. He can not imagine his life without our dogs now! I feel so lucky myself because my husband stand out by my side. He always help to me in everything. I love my little family so much, because they make me very-very happy. My childhood dream become true and it makes me so blissfull!

Bognár Attiláné Rita



Our kennel's name changed. From the old HARAPÓS GYÖNGYSZEM name onto the new DANCING MASTER name.

In the course of the years, as I got to know this fantastic breed better. I felt so increasingly better, that necessary to make change in. I would like a kennel name that comes from my heart, which stands near to me.
Misty Meadow's Dancing Master personifies the real chihuahua for me. Fantastic dog, with fantastic results. Many champion dogs come from him. My choice fell on his name because of this.
Thank you for the approval of the Misty Meadow's kennel's breeder and this beautiful male's owner, Tuula Lehtinen-Cochetti.

Why just the Chihuahua is?

The Chihuahua is a really partner for those, who loves a little dogs. A little dog who looking out for his owner all day long, following him to everywhere, and doing everything to being in the middle. These dogs are lying in front of you, listening and jumping until they get some notice and care. You can hold them in your flat. Whatever is your flat big or little. This kind of dog likes comfort, soft things, pampering. The best place for this dog his owners palm. This makes him a really lap dog. The dog is accomodate to the habit and lifestyle of any family. They like to lazing but they pull through the long hiking and jogging. They are very smart. They like learning. They can learn the the hose-training, obedience very quickly. Be careful, because if you allow something the dog will be taken it granted from that point. Be self-consistent with these dogs. When the little puppies arrive to the family, they choose a leading person very quickly. You can take the puppy everywhere because it's very small dog. You can take the dog to restaurant or to board a plane, certainly after a conciliation. It's very important to let the dog a lot of  external inducement because it makes the dog to strong-minded. Let the strangers come closer and let they to stroking the puppy, because after this, our dog will be a real social and humane. If they are alone at home they will be a little offended, but after a little game and appeasement they will be a joyful dog again. When you're walking with your chihuahua in the street be careful, because the dog is overrates his own strenght and he attacks bigger dogs. This heroic act costs a lot of chihuahua's life unfortunatelly. Do you like a lovely, temperament, player, little puppy, who is faithfull to you? They won't let you down. They have got one ambition: to making you very-very happy and it cost just a little stroking or palming. One thing is sure: I will have got a Chihuahua in the future, always!

Bognár Attila